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No effort spared with our spares.

Jungheinrich spare parts

Downtime is always annoying. Despite the quality of our products, it is important that you use original Jungheinrich spare parts to get up and running again.

Only original Jungheinrich spare parts meet the high performance requirements of our machines and protect against serious accidents caused by non-OEM parts. We generally reserve more than 100,000 original forklift spare parts for well over 10 years. Thanks to the optimum interaction of all the components, you achieve maximum reliability and maintain the value of your vehicle.

Jungheinrich spare parts - Only an original is good enough.

Only original forklift spare parts can meet the high demands you place on our vehicles. That’s why, should a fault occur in one of your vehicles, you should not reach out to third party equipment. Always trust certified Jungheinrich quality as your first port of call. Our Jungheinrich service for original spare parts includes:

  • Parts Online
  • Rollers & wheels
  • Retrofitting
  • Accessories
  • Jungheinrich Consumables

Stage Parts Online

Parts Online.

Just a few clicks to your original spare part.

Jungheinrich Parts Online lets you identify and order the spare part you need via an online platform. Around the clock and wherever you are, effortlessly and without delay. Use the advantages of our global Jungheinrich logistics network for your company. We guarantee you spare parts availability of over 98% and delivery within 24 hours.

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Discover Jungheinrich Parts Online

Benefits at a glance:

  • Instant information on price and availability of Jungheinrich spare parts
  • Worldwide 24/7 online ordering possible
  • Intuitive operation
  • Reach your Jungheinrich contact person quickly via the portal
  • Available in over 20 languages
  • Access to genuine spare parts and therefore eligible for warranty claims

Stage Räder Rollen Reifen

Rollers and wheels.

Making sure things run smoothly.

Need spare rollers or wheels without making your head spin? With original rollers and wheels from Jungheinrich, your forklift retains its usual high level of performance. At the same time, you minimise downtime, maximise service life and also ensure greater safety in your warehouse. And thanks to our extensive portfolio with 98 percent Jungheinrich spare parts availability, you can order the wheels and rollers you need at any time.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum performance
  • Increased safety
  • Exact fit, always
  • Readily available

Retrofitting Spare Parts services

Original retrofit.

That little bit extra.

Your industrial truck has to deal with a wide variety of requirements and areas of application. These can often change over the course of its life cycle – due to new security requirements, changed warehouse and logistics processes or legal regulations. None of these present a problem – with the Jungheinrich original retrofit: with our wide range of retrofitting options from LED headlights to shock sensors, you are prepared for all eventualities. Our qualified Jungheinrich service engineers are also always at your side to professionally equip your forklift to meet your needs.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Manufacturer competence
  • Wide-ranging product portfolio – always to suit your individual needs
  • Increased productivity and safety in the warehouse

Accessories Spare Parts Service


Making each truck even better.

With our Jungheinrich original accessories, your industrial truck will achieve even better levels of performance. Products such as collision detectors or impact protection systems also help to significantly increase safety in the warehouse. Our Jungheinrich Service helps you comply with increasing requirements and to adapt to the performance of warehouse equipment and forklifts to your individual needs.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Manufacturer competence
  • Wide-ranging product portfolio – always to suit your individual needs
  • Increased productivity and safety in the warehouse

Consumables Spare Parts services

Jungheinrich consumables.

Making everything run smoothly.

Jungheinrich Service helps you to maintain your trucks with the right consumables, which is essential to ensure that your industrial trucks perform consistently. That’s why you should always rely on Jungheinrich original consumables: our wide selection of hydraulic oils, gear oils, motor oils, spray kits, greases & cleaners and paints are specially tailored to Jungheinrich vehicles, guaranteeing the service life and reliable performance of your forklifts.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Specifically tailored to Jungheinrich trucks
  • Oils and greases developed according to our specifications
  • High performance components, such as anti-stick slip hydraulic oil additives, guarantee reliable performance
  • Useful packages, such as spray kits, paint kits or cleaning kits, make maintenance easier

We happily advise you on the best solution for your purposes.

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